Larry changed the locks on our new home and added window locks to all our windows. He keyed all our locks (including the garage) so they all work off one key. He is friendly and trustworthy and always rang and turned up when he said he would. He went the extra mile for us but didn’t overcharge for it.

– MrsT

As someone who dreads dealing with tradesmen It was a real pleasure to deal with Larry, he replaced the deadlock on our front door after advising us of our best options….Larry is a really friendly guy with a very professional attitude, I’d recommend him to anybody without hesitation…..Thanks again Larry for a job well done…..

– johnm93

After moving in to a new place on the Friday, I managed to lock my keys, wallet and phone in the house on the Friday night. Come Saturday I called Larry the Locksmith and he was there in a few hours and let me know there would be a hundred dollar call out feee. Very friendly guy who got straight on to getting the door open. Once he was in I asked him about several security issues with the house and he was more than happy to talk through the best way to solve them. He also let me know one of the doors had a sticky mechanism so he replaced it and cut me two keys for an additional 10 bucks. 110 so far which is much cheaper than what I expected, especially on a Saturday.

THEN like an idiot I locked the keys in the house again on the following Tuesday. I got straight on to Larry (who I should get a loyalty card from!) and he was over in about 30 mins. It was a completely different door to access this time (two separate parts of the house) but he managed to get the job done by the time I walked the length of the driveway. I then got him to cut another 2 keys for me, he helped with another lock that is old and sticking badly and only charged 90 dollars all up this time (even though the regular call out fee is 100 and he did extra work). I started chatting to him a bit and got talking about websites, which is my line of business, and ended up having a look on his website to see what could be improved. He left with a handshake and my business card.

Overall I’m more than happy with the work performed, the honesty of Larry with what he was doing and costs involved, and overall professionalism and friendliness. Highly recommend putting his number on speed dial if you live in his service area.

– Simon Kelly

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