Quality Locksmith Service in Melbourne’s North & Inner-City.

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Mobile Service

On call 7-Days a week from 8.30am to 8pm, our mobile workshop is equipped to provide a wide range of locksmith services, with most jobs being able to be completed on the day.

Locks rekeyed

If you’ve just moved house or lost the keys, it’s best to get a new set of key made for your locks. Most locks can be recoded to a new set of keys (whereby the old keys no longer work), which is much cheaper than buying a whole new set of locks. We can provide as many copies of the new keys as you require and rekey locks according to your needs (e.g. make all locks work of the one key or different keys — see ‘master-keying’ below for further information).

Locks opened

Locked out? Call now for speedy service or a no obligation quote – 0400 633 683.

Keys made to suit locks

Lost a key for a lock? Or do you have an old style mortice lock that needs a key? Maybe you can’t find that old filing cabinet key or window lock key. We can make keys to suit a wide range of locks, which will save replacing the lock or buying new equipment.

Office locks & cabinets

We provide an on-site solution for rekeying, servicing, and replacing lost keys for cabinets and changing locks.

Master keying

“Master keying” is a term that relates to coding locks to work with multiple keys. Generally, there is a specific rationale behind master key systems that shapes their scope and size. A large office complex might require that specific areas be accessible to some staff and not others. In some cases there is cross-over access to doors between keys which open many doors and keys that open only a few doors. Master key systems can be complex, but when managed properly, are extremely effective. Depending on your requirements, please contact us for a survey, or if you know what you need, ask for a quote over the phone or by email.

Restricted key systems

Restricted key systems are generally set out as master key systems (see above), but not always. The defining feature of restricted key systems are keys which cannot be duplicated without proper authority.

Most of the time, master key systems are also restricted keys systems, but from time to time, master key systems are constructed with the use of simple domestic keys. The advantage of restricted keys over domestic keys are that they allow for a larger number of potential key combinations (allowing for the use of more keys within a system). Restricted keys also offer security enhancements over domestic or “standard” type keys.

One of the single greatest advantages of a restricted key system is that your keys cannot be duplicated without your permission. Other advantages include the commercial grade parts which are used in the preparation of locks when pairing them to suit restricted keys. The keys are also more hard-wearing, made from nickle silver. Finally, where domestic keys become worn over time as copies are made of copies, every restricted key issued is cut as an original (not duplicated).

MLAA (Master Locksmiths Association of Australia) restricted key systems, as offered by Larry, also offer the advantage of regimented membership guidelines which not only control expectations of restricted parts storage, but coherence of master key systems from key numbering through to key creation. Such properly managed restricted key systems can offer year upon year of reliable functionality.

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